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Colorectal, Colorectal Oncosurgery And Pelvic Floor Surgery

Because of difficult access to the pelvis (lowermost part of your body) with traditional surgery robotic assisted surgery is gaining ground for these surgeries as technically the vision is better and surgery more accurate

Robotic treatment for bowel cancer

Robotic Treatment for Bowel cancer of the rectum is gaining ground because of the accuracy and good vision it offers to the surgeon Dr. Prajesh Bhuta has trained in Strasbourg France for robotic treatment of rectal cancer and now the clinical lead in Jaslok hospital for robotic treatment for bowel cancer He believes in evidence based medicine and this newer adjunct to standard treatment can improve the outcome of surgery in selective cases.


  • Surgeries where patients can benefit
  • Anterior resection for low rectal cancers
  • Sphincter saving surgery for ultra low cancers
  • Ventral mesh rectopexy for obstructed defaecation and prolapsed
  • Sacrospinous fixations for vault prolapsed with pelvic floor repair



Robotic Surgery for
Pelvic Floor

Robotic Surgery for
Bowel Cancer


Specific advantages

  • Better vision
  • Less chance of nerve damage resulting in better continence and sexual recovery
  • Less blood loss
  • Safe and accurate suturing